Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  Feel free to leave me any feedback and let me know what you think.  I would like to hear any comments and/or suggestions you may have.  I've always done the website design since I started in '03.  Don't feel that I need the flashy, expensive company to design it.  I'm sure there is a lot cooler and more flashy looks around, but I think it's simple and to the point.

I've accomplished many things in my life.  I was a MP in the Air Force for 6yrs.  I have a college degree in Electronics and computer networking and I also have an FCC license and am a MECP Master Installer.  I've been a mechanic, a carpenter, farmer, auto detailer/manager and automotive customs and design.  I love sports of just about every kind.  I love hunting, camping, some fishing, hiking, sightseeing, and just good-old relaxing.  I like to snowmobile, it's my favorite winter activity.  Skiing is fun too.  I've traveled most of the United States with the military, my friends, and mostly with my family. 
This website is pretty much dedicated to my vehicles, it is my favorite past-time and I've spent thousands of hours working on it, and I'm very proud of all the time and energy that I have put into it.  I have worked on many motors, including rebuilding my snowmobile motor.  Working on cars of any kind is usually pretty fun, but can definitely get expensive and time-consuming.

As far as the quality and workmanship that I put into each and every install that I do, I will take the utmost care and pride in your vehicle just as I do and have always done to each and everyone of my vehicles.  Every install is done with the same quality as how I would do the install in my vehicles.  As you can see, I take an exceptional amount of pride in everything I do and I will make sure that you are happy and satisfied with my work or I will do what it takes to make you completely happy! It's important to know that your vehicle can be trusted with someone who treats and respects their own vehicles.  This says a lot about the installer!
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Custom LED strips can be added to almost any surface, interior or exterior in a wide variety of colors and lengths.