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Built/Assembled/Tuned by myself, D.H.P,  ZZPerformance & Digital Ken

Here is Digital Ken, doing the custom '97 to '99 PCM upgrade for my car.  Taking many hours to do, switching each pin from the old pcm connectors to the new ones and unstringing the entire wiring harness.  This is a definate must for '97''s with stone-age technology.  If you want someone to do it, this is the guy!

Stock suspension
Stage 1 TVS kit.

Springs & Front & Rear Sway Bars
2.5" Catback exhaust w/5" tips.
Custom painted engine cover courtesy of Jason at Snakes & Sparklers
Just finished installing the Vortech Supercharger kit.

Very nice and clean install.  Vortech did an amazing job on the kit.  Fit nicely, had very detailed and descriptinve installation notes and pictures.  By far the easiest install that I have done.

Have not yet driven it yet, so hopefully I will be happy with the investment.....
Changed up the factory badges just a little bit.

Nice intercooler to help cool down the air before it reaches the engine.

JL Audio 450/4, ZR 5.25's, ZR 650's, 2 Stinger 5F Digital Capacitors, 2 Stinger SP680 batteries, Pioneer DEH-P6900UB radio.  Underneath trunk is a JL Audio HD 600/4 & JL Audio 13TW5 woofer.
SLP hood, RK Sport front lip and spoiler w/carbon fiber top.
New wheels from www.bestwheeldeals.com (very highly  recommend!)
MHT SPC CONCAVE 22x9, 22x10.5 Chrome w/ Pirelli Pzero 315/25-22, 265/30-22's
Absolutely love the new setup!
Brembo rotor upgrade
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